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Vision for life

Friend, if God himself trusted His own spirit to lead all people to Him, why did He inspire people from the beginning of time to keep a record of His dealings with people? By what you are saying, people have no value in the sight of God, for helping to spread His truth, unless there is no truth in the words of man. God inspires people to keep records (The Bible) and then witnesses to our soul of their truthfulness, through His Holy Spirit.

We have a project going on right now which will help put this issue to rest; the issue of knowing in whom a person can trust for truth. Why am I so passionate about this?

I wish you could have watched the episode on TV explaining this on Monday evening. Here is a broadcast, if you scroll “Live TV” to Monday Oct 19, and over to “Joseph Smith Papers”. Discussion of Doctrine and Covenants is also enlightening. Section 1 was not given to us, but to all mankind. God declares this revelation to be “for the benefit of the whole world”. Every Monday will be another segment on the Joseph Smith papers, and you can watch it on the Internet. Oct 12 tells the account of Sidney Rigdon’s falling away from Joseph Smith, believing he started out a true prophet, but died a false prophet. We are examining in great depth and detail our own history. Why now? Because technology has presented itself to make it possible.

It is no wonder there is such confusion in the world of Christianity, and in general, all religion. I find your discussions interesting, but you’re always going off on these little threads that fizzle out in the end, aisi. Perhaps we should all read, James 1:5-6

Re-read what you wrote here, and then look at the links I provided. A perfect match. Monday Oct 12 JSPapers episode is a discussion of many of the things we have been criticized so heavily for. This is real US History, exposed, and according to section 1 verse 3, “shall be spoken upon the housetops, and their secret acts shall be revealed”. We live in fulfillment of that today.

I’ll file this under “Teepee” because it is vision for life. I’m still dragging a foot about sharing the whole vision of life and symbolism of my teepee. But I will soon.

Dena Brehm said:
I have to wonder how much we really trust in the Spirit to lead us … it appears that most of us believe, or have been taught, or think, that God needs our help, and that unless we defend God, God’s reputation is smeared … that the Spirit doesn’t know how to lead us into all truth …
The meek man will attain a place of soul rest. As he walks on in meekness he will be happy to let God defend him. The old struggle to defend himself is over. He has found the peace which meekness brings. – A.W. Tozer I’m learnING this, am in the thick of learning it … am letting it transform me.

It seems to me that if a thing is true … it will be (or will become) self-evident.

No need for declarations, defenses, proofs, attacks, or mind-numbing doctrinal recitations. If it’s true, it just IS (& truth is strong enough to withstand all manner of scrutinizing, all manner of questioning, all manner of exploration).

Just share the thing, as you currently see it … (everyone bearing in mind that this is a journey into all truth, that only the Spirit can lead, and that all of us are doing the best we can, at any given time … God certainly knows how He has made us, and isn’t shocked).

If the thing is true, the Spirit is IN it, is OF it, and the Spirit, who alone can, will plant the seed in the hearts which are receptive, and cause it to grow.

The Spirit alone can dismantle whatever is in the way of each of us seeing, knowing, embracing, and living that truth. The Spirit, who alone can, will lead each of us into all truth — meeting each of us where we are, leading us, shining Light into our dark and blind spots, as we can bear it.

Our marching orders, while en route…?


Oh – and the Spirit alone can show us how that love manifests … in each and every situation, with each and every soul.

Unless, of course, we don’t trust the Spirit to do what Jesus told us He will, and we instead insist on leading the egoic charge into an egoic battle … attacking specks while ignoring our own logs …

“What is that to you? You follow Me.” (Jesus)

Shalom, Dena

P.S. I notice that Jesus said, “The Spirit will lead you into all truth.” He didn’t say, “a book will be compiled by councils of man, which will contain and spell out, and limit, all truth.” When we substitute the living-leading Spirit with even the most inspired of written words, we do so to our peril. Jesus said, “It is written, but *I* say…” & He’s still saying. The Dabhar of God (the living word) is that which the Spirit is saying, within … separating soul (ego) and Spirit (truth). Are we listening..? Or, do we think we already *know*…?


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