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Father’s Day

This is the picture that I see every time I sit at my computer.  Not because it is posted on the wall, but because it is in a clear plastic wall file holder, nestled behind and over to the side of my computer.  This is probably not the best photo of my dad, as it was scanned from his California driver’s license, but according to the date, it was likely one of the last pictures taken of him.

The most vivid pictures I have of my father are those embedded in my memory.  I have a picture of me riding behind him on his horse, over the hills on our ranch, through the trees and across the river, feeling the splash, and his hand holding my leg securely so I wouldn’t bounce off his horse.  I have a picture of us laughing and teasing each other and talking endlessly as we rode.  I was measured by how far I could reach around him, and how sad it was when I realized my hands could touch, because that meant I was getting too big.

Sacred pictures emit similar feelings, and sacred places do too.

The temple – the hills where we rode the horse, my church – my home that I live in now, this photo of my dad – this artist’s conception of Christ

They all feel like hallowed space.  “Remove thy shoes”

Happy Father’s Day Dad.  I have never forgotten our pictures and the wonderful childhood memories etched, embedded, and echoed in my memory forever.


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Hidden within this article is a pattern for our own personal blueprint, that if taken seriously, can guide us through the building of our lives, at the intrinsic level.

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