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Religious Pornography

Pornography addiction

For now, I’m going to attempt to label what I am currently thinking/saying/doing as one of the parts of my covered wagon, and see where the wagon goes from here.  My wagon must keep moving, and I must keep current.  

On another blog today there was the idea that Christians may become too God-focused.    Something about this idea was unsettling. I have recognized this almost fanatical approach to God on other Christian forums, where believers seem to be running after the rainbow, never quite catching up to the pot of gold.  Then justifying themselves by stating nobody ever catches the pot of gold. “Not whether all things are centered in, related to, dependent on, destined for and exist to glorify God, but whether some expressions of Christianity can become so God-focused that the significance of what is not God- including all things in human experience- are devalued and even distorted to the point of confusion in the minds of God loving/God believing people.

This ” depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction”  definition  becomes, in a sense, religious pornography.  You are always left feeling like you’ve been running, yet your feet aren’t quite touching down.  You arrive, but it’s never quite satisfying, so you run after the next idea, far fetched as it may be.  

When I have read some of the religious dialogues on other Christian forums I usually end up shaking my head. And when the subject ends in a tug-o-war, between who is right and who is more right, well, nobody wins. So, we Mormons just stay out of it. We live our life as full as possible, squeezing in time for church service in between our busy family schedules, fully satisfied with our belief in God. Some times I feel full to overflowing, like I can’t contain all of it. Other times not so much.

I still get overwhelmed and discouraged with life, but never with God. I am so completely grateful for the belief that I have. To me, God is like a corrective lens. I can see everything more clearly when I’m prepared. I don’t feel like I have to chase God in order to find Him.

Using the lens analogy, if a person is too God-focused, what distortions would that do to the lens through which you view life?   When belief is in order, the lens is correct. When you see clearly, you have healed. When you have healed it’s hard to imagine life any other way. Although this is hard to describe, that is how I feel about God. He is my valuable pair of glasses with the corrected lens. With Him dwelling in me I move through life with ease.  Seeing more clearly I am able to recognize God’s hand in timing, coincidence, and opportunity.  I testify that I know God absolutely lives.    

I have compared God to the chassis of my wagon; therefore I file this there. The reason I titled this “religious pornography” was to make a point stronger by using opposites. I’m not sure I succeeded, but the point was made to me.

CHASSIS: God The power that carries us, gives us breath, and agency to create our own wagon and chart our own course. The chassis is the framework that holds the box flat and balances the weight.


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