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The healing place


I think I’d kinda like it here.  I’d write a story and my imagination would soar.

What if  this story really did happen, that it wasn’t just a novel, that the scriptures mean what they say and say what they mean about what will happen when the world is ripe in iniquity, when the world is as it was in the days of Noah.  All we’re waiting for seems to be legalizing and popularizing same sex marriage, to totally make a mockery of the family unit…..when corruption, secret combinations, begin to implode….oh they’re doing that right now….when all secrets will be revealed on the housetops….seems that is happening too….and all we need to prepare is our year supply of food and necessities, which will be just as important as building the ark was in Noah’s day. Today is the day to prepare to meet God. There is no time to bask in the sunshine or rest in front of the tv. This is a preparing time like no other has been. God is giving us ample time to prepare. The warnings are coming loud and clear, to those who are listening. Be motivated.

I’ll file this under wheels, the wheel labeled motivation.

My healing place is my teepee.   My healing place is my temple The words are almost similar. My healing is the wheels on my wagon. Exercise and nutrition, social support and love, I can change if I think I can change, and motivation and organization. Four self-propelling titles that have healing in their wings. all that’s lacking is social support.


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