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One of my favorite poems is a six-word gem by Mexico’s Jaime Sabines. The poem reads:

I’m hungry.

I need to fast.

I think that poem holds the essence of all religious faith.

It reminds me of those young, married Mormons who say, “We’re going through tough straits. We need to be sure to pay our tithing.”

In other words, “We’re almost out of money, we need to give some money away.”

If you’re hungry, you fast — and ask for God’s help.

It’s the kind of thinking behind the Savior’s notions that to find your life, you need to lose your life, and if you want to be first, you have to be last.

It’s the contradiction at the core of Christianity: If you want peace, love and joy, turn to that beaten, bloody man nailed to the cross.

Such thinking is called counterintuitive — contrary to what one would rationally expect. It flies in the face of common sense and flirts with insanity.

You want to live? Die.

You want to rise? Lower yourself.

It sounds totally irrational.

But I think it’s the only way to lift ourselves out of this tar pit we call mortality.

Years ago, my editor Don Woodward sent me off to ride motorcycles with a band of bad boys who were touring the Maze District in southern Utah. Don knew I was a skittish, overly careful kid and he wanted to expand my horizon a little.

He almost expanded my horizon into the next world.

I was a rank amateur as a biker, and those boys were pros. They knew one speed, a speed they called “smoke it.” I had to keep up or be literally lost forever.

Just before the last ride, one of the guys pulled me aside.

“We’re going through deep sand today,” he said. “When you hit the sand at full speed you’ll feel your bike start to slide out from under you and you’ll want to slow down. Don’t. Do the opposite. Hit the gas. It will pull you upright and get you through.”

It is never easy to do the opposite of what your head, heart, eyes and spleen are telling you to do. But I took the man at his word and followed his advice.

I’m pretty sure he saved my life that day.

I put a little faith in his irrational advice and I avoided disaster.

Logic and rational thinking are wonderful gifts to have. But like everything else, they have their place.

Sometimes answers aren’t as clear as they appear.

Sometimes, to save yourself, you need to do something completely irrational — do something counterintuitive and moonstruck.

People who won’t do that aren’t bad people, of course. For myriad reasons they choose to put their trust in their ability to reason.

In my experience, they’re almost always very good people — good people who one day might well find themselves lying dazed and bloody on the floor of the Maze.


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“It is worth thinking about the way that Christ’s atonement, which we commemorate with the sacrament, can serve as a disruption of an economic way of understanding actions/works and rewards/punishments. Christ paid the price of our sins, so we don’t have to worry about the price of our sins, or the rewards for our good works. Rather, we can lose ourselves in service to others – -and, by so doing remember him always and always have his spirit to be with us…” (Quote from blog by Robert C.)

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Genealogy Fan Chart

Genealogy Fan Chart.

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Mormonism and the New Age. Who knew there was a religious side to the New World Order? I read this whole page yesterday on this blogspot

New Age Christianity seeping into Christian churches through meditation, contemplative prayer and mysticism invites deceptive spirits.

Many are being deceived.

It is dangerous to put yourself in a neutral state through meditation because it leaves you as open to false spirits, false Christs, as to true ones, and it might be hard to tell the difference. But this one below is definitely a false one: (quoted from the last para of the link)

“ In the early days of the Fillmore West in San Francisco, LSD was often put in punch bowls of kool aid, while attendants to the concerts could help themselves to the punch and “groove” on the music. LSD is very intense mentally. The drug LSD is probably more responsible than any other factor in bringing about the peace and love wave of the late 60’s and early 70s. We know the confusion that resulted from that era. What most people don’t know, is that LSD was developed in United States government labs as part of the MK Ultra program. There is some evidence that the drug LSD was distributed initially by federal agents to a group of “hippies” calling themselves the “Merry Pranksters,” who followed the band the “Grateful Dead” around the country on their tours. I personally, can testify that LSD was handed out at these concerts.”

Mosop and I believe in aliens;  and that people live on other worlds:
These are just some links to things I might want to remember.

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Nano is back

Since events from my past have left their mark, I absolutely hate loss. I about go nuts when I lose little things I need, like my tiny little charger for my Linux camera battery. But then when I find it again it gives me such a rush that relief and joy wash over me till I feel like I’m snuggling in a warm micro fiber blanket.

I made a special trip to Lethbridge tonight to find me a new nano. I was relieved when I found on the old sales receipt that the warranty hadn’t expired, so in to Costco I went, hoping they’d exchange it for another one. Costco has succumbed to Best Buy, and no longer carries Apple products. But they showed me on my receipt where the phone number was and said if I would phone, they would guide me through the process.

Over to Best Buy. I was just mad. And the clerk who was helping me was not helping at all. In fact, I found him to be quite annoying. Then after all his looking he sold me the wrong one. At home I dialed the number and a nice man guided me through it, and it worked. My nano is alive again. You have to push the center button AND the menu at the same time to reset it. Tomorrow I’ll return the new generation one that I’m sure would make me mad every time I touched it. And now I’ll turn myself right side out, and get back to thinking about others.


Loss turns me inside out. Are the big ones easier to move through than the little annoying ones? I’ll think about that while snuggling in my blanket tonight. Brain attachments cross over and what is little feels big, and what should be big is unattached. Loss makes a person detach. Finding makes life ah so good.

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My nano

My iPod nano just died.  I loved that thing.  I don’t want a new generation nano, but I may be forced as I can’t imagine traveling without one, or being without it in the middle of the night when I need my favorite audio to help me relax and get back to sleep.    I don’t need proof that the scriptures are true.  I just need nano.  As I hear the words and the spirit bears witness all throughout of truth, and fills my soul with peace and hope, I know for absolute certain what I know.  Elder Ballard, you said it right.

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I just re-read all of this. I was wondering why I had put such a lengthy article, whole, into my blog. I found out. I want every single word, including all the scripture references read over and over again. Lest we forget, it is Remembrance Day today, November 11. We cannot take freedom for granted, as we have my whole life of 62 years. Please comment when you have taken the time to read this.

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