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I was awake at 5:00 this morning, laying in bed, musing, when a brief wave of understanding swept over me, like the wave of an ocean, and then rested back to sea. It startled me, because I really wasn’t expecting an answer to my fast and prayer yesterday. Well, I was, in that I fasted and prayed in faith, knowing God would hear us, and move us forward in the right direction. (I joined in the fast for our country.)

Let me just ask, How does a Mormon re-set their spiritual life? Why was Joseph Smith so driven by God to build temples? How come we have so many now all over the world? How did we have 35 chapels damaged in the floods in the Philippines??? I mean, how did we get so many there?

The General Relief Society meeting, broadcast all over the world last Saturday, gave the feeling that the women of the church have a marvelous power in the world today. The music sounded like a choir of angels, even when I was singing. I was so moved by the music. Thank-you for that.

The church is doing okay, and once in a while we all need to re-set ourselves to it. How do we re-set? Regular temple attendance. It settles us down enough to re-set our lives to be in line with God.

That was the message in the wave of inspiration that passed over me. “Go to the temple”


The voice of warning was loud and clear in 1960, why didn’t we take note then??? Our leaders haven’t been strong on it since, so I’ll do it, with President McKay. Understanding now the world we live in, I will go to the temple, re-set myself, and work to preserve our freedom by having courage to walk through each door as it presents itself to me.


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I think it is time we become like Moroni.  “Use the Book of Mormon to learn how to expose and combat the falsehoods in socialism. Our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding the secret combinations which the Book of Mormon tells us proved the downfall of both previous American civilizations.” (Ezra Taft benson)

Join in the day of fasting and prayer tomorrow, September 28, for whatever part of this cause of freedom you deem important.  For me I pray that we the people might become aware of what these secret combinations are and where they are rooted, and knowing this, we might know how to rise above them with our righteousness, putting on the armor of God, and moving forward in any way that we can.   Tomorrow is the Jewish “Day of Atonement”, and also the day selected for a day of fasting and prayer for our country by Glenn Beck.

Washington allowed the day of prayer of the Muslims last Friday. Monday is the day of fasting and prayer for the Jews, and call it a coincidence, but the day chosen by Glenn Beck before he understood what the Jewish Day of Atonement was. Surely God will hear us now.

This, I file under that strange name, “whippletree”, because when all is said and done, a prayer for righteousness, is a prayer for repentance.
WHIPPLETREE: Course correction, or repentance. The equalizer bar between horses that helps in guiding the wagon

btw, if you choose to watch the video, at the end of it there will be pop-up videos at the bottom. Some of those are worth watching. For instance, do you want to know why the prophet no longer gives us “the warning” in general conference? Did the time for warning end with David O McKay? Even Ezra Taft Bension was a little soft on it, compared to David O McKay. The one on Ether’s description of secret combinations may leave you shaking in your boots. Take it for what it’s worth.

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The healing place


I think I’d kinda like it here.  I’d write a story and my imagination would soar.

What if  this story really did happen, that it wasn’t just a novel, that the scriptures mean what they say and say what they mean about what will happen when the world is ripe in iniquity, when the world is as it was in the days of Noah.  All we’re waiting for seems to be legalizing and popularizing same sex marriage, to totally make a mockery of the family unit…..when corruption, secret combinations, begin to implode….oh they’re doing that right now….when all secrets will be revealed on the housetops….seems that is happening too….and all we need to prepare is our year supply of food and necessities, which will be just as important as building the ark was in Noah’s day. Today is the day to prepare to meet God. There is no time to bask in the sunshine or rest in front of the tv. This is a preparing time like no other has been. God is giving us ample time to prepare. The warnings are coming loud and clear, to those who are listening. Be motivated.

I’ll file this under wheels, the wheel labeled motivation.

My healing place is my teepee.   My healing place is my temple The words are almost similar. My healing is the wheels on my wagon. Exercise and nutrition, social support and love, I can change if I think I can change, and motivation and organization. Four self-propelling titles that have healing in their wings. all that’s lacking is social support.

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The part that caught my attention in Glenn Beck’s conversion story was when Glenn asked his daughters to name the things of most importance to their family, hoping they would include God, but when they did not, it got him thinking, and provided the motivation he needed to make some changes.

We each touch certain points in our life that have an altering affect on our future.  Can you look back and recognize your own?

Life altering decisions are usually what happens when we get cornered some way.  Check mate.  God is never far away in those crucial moments.  Fight or flight, do or die moments require tough, fast, decisions.  Values are placed before us, but must be claimed at some point as our own.  I know of no other way to claim them than to face them under difficult circumstances and rise above.

I’ll file this under “Spokes”.

SPOKES:  Where I spend my time defines my values & priorities or what is important to me.  Label your 16 spokes accordingly.

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Does the Prophet tell us what to do? Are we mindless slaves who sit and wait for orders from our master? Are we brainwashed by our cult leaders? Outsiders would tend to think we are.
Do we have faith that what we are being taught is true? Faith is not passive. It is a gift from God. It cannot be explained, but it can be experienced. It is real. It is power.

It will require a lot of faith; and necessity; to live the United Order, which is God’s method of sharing our wealth. It which ways does the United Order differ from Obama care?

The United Order is not a secret society or a conspiracy. There is not an elite group preparing to run it who will profit from our losses. It is a society of love and compassion. Yes I said it….a society based upon love and compassion where everything we own belongs to the church, and we take what we require to live comfortably, and give the rest back. We know some day we will be called to move that direction, just like we know that some day Jesus will return. We don’t know when or why, but we do know we must prepare to live it as we grope through life on our own. Life is a scary place when you are on your own, trying to survive and make a living day by day, bombarded by events totally out of our control, that seize and destroy wealth, homes, property, and even health.

Is there a secret society in the world of politics that is trying to  rule us by pulling the strings in our financial treasuries?    Is there someone trying to bankrupt our nations and make us willing and anxious to turn it all over to them for our own survival? Remember how anxious we all were for the “change” Obama promised, without even knowing what that change would entail?

I look to the Prophet and apostolic leaders, my Bishop, and even my husband for leadership and direction from God. I keep my covenants with faith, just like I pay my tithing with faith. Faith, like purity, is power. God answers prayers, every one. The Prophet holds all the keys to the – priesthood that my husband holds, providing a direct link to priesthood authority and power that I can exercise in my own life whenever I need.

So, whenever the Prophet teaches, I listen. Of my own free will and choice I am obedient to his counsel and direction because I love the Lord and my fellowmen. I would willingly share all that I have if somebody was in need, and if I was directed to do so by my church leaders, or by God. I’m not sure if I would be so brave on my own, but with their encouragement, yes.

In World Government (Obama care), it would be much different. I can’t even imagine how different life would be if we had no control over anything, if we weren’t allowed to freely speak our mind, or question authority. It makes me shudder.

If I can’t feel cozy thinking about the United Order, then I’m not ready yet to live it, and I’ll be satisfied tithing 10% for now 🙂

Everything good that is not proven takes faith to live. Faith elevates you and projects you “out there” daring you to move in unknown territory, knowing God is there for you should you decide to go on.

File: Bolster

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In my study of “lds church government” I ran across a book titled, The Miracle of Manti, Will the Mormon Church take over the American Government” I didn’t read the book, and don’t plan to, but I wrote a review, just because.

How is the Mormon church governed today? Some may call it a theodemocracy, but is it? Let’s compare it to Obama care. In Obama care he wants to be the one who everyone worships. In the church we have councils on every level, made up of people from many different walks of life. The council meets, and must agree on policy before it is presented. Obama chooses czars to advise him, and allows them to make decisions and draft policy, but if his czars happen to all be of the same general mind set as Obama we could be in trouble.

The Prophet is the president of the council of 12. He works along side two councillors. When he dies the leadership goes to the 12, and most likely the serving president of the 12 will become the next prophet. We are a self-governing body. We make covenants with the Lord and it’s up to us to keep or break them. A covenant is simply a goal, but it is between the individual and God. So, the Prophet is there as an official representative of the church, but he does not make us do anything we don’t want to do. I can’t recall the Prophet ever telling the people what to do. What the people want to do, they do. We are taught correct principles and we govern ourselves. No one is forced to be a member, and no one is forced to be 100% active. No one is forced to keep their covenants. No one is forced to take the sacrament. No one is forced to pay taxes (tithing). It is by choice, and the poor are cared for by the church.

If we want to protect our basic freedoms, outlined in the constitution of the United States, those who believe in it are going to have to stand together. The Mormon church has the framework of organization that could govern if somebody had to. I’m not talking about policing, just governing. Quorums of the 70 are prepared to organize. Right now we have 2 or 3 quorums of 70. There is provision to create 70 quorums of 70.

Because we are the church of Jesus Christ, and the decisions and framework are carefully put together by a combination of our experience and guidance of ministering angels, we are evolving into a system of government that will serve Jesus Christ when He returns. We will turn over the keys of governance to Him, but we will not be moved from our spot in the framework.

If there was an important message that needed to get to the people, every single person could be informed of it very quickly, because of governing councils that go from the first presidency down to the individual ward member all over the world. This is God’s way of governance, as close as we can figure it out. Total freedom. If you don’t wish to pay taxes (a full tithing is 10% of your take home salary) you don’t have to. You can believe any religion you want, or none at all.

I imagine at some point there will be a separation between those who want communism, socialism, marxism, and those who want freedom. Satan’s way is force, God’s way is freedom. God will be near His camp and miracles will protect it. I see two camps in the United States right now. No wonder so many are talking of Canada.

I think this should be filed under “Bolster”
BOLSTER: Guardian Angel. Sits on front and back axles, part of chassis. Perhaps our guardian angel is just that close, bolstering us up throughout our journey.

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Wild adventure with God

I know a person who embarked on a wild adventure with God. He used to go around the country speaking about it and trying to convince others. He advocated going to a quiet spot somewhere out in nature where you could pray vocally to God, and to see if you could pray for half hour every day. I remember wondering how he could justify leaving his wife and ten children home in the mornings while he went off to pray, but oh well, I tried it too. Three things happened. Yes….

  • I definitely did develop a personal relationship with my Savior. 
  • I felt dumb when a neighbor happened to see me kneeling beside my favorite tree along the road where I walked. 
  • My family started to complain about breakfast not being ready on time because I would be gone when they got out of bed. 
  • I started looking at others who probably weren’t praying like I was, and suppose I did place myself up on a pedestal. I felt like I was the one having the personal relationship, and since no one else was, yes, I was special.

I tried it some time later at night after everyone was in bed. I would go into the office, sit on the recliner, and pray until I was able to connect to the one thing that was not amis. I was trying to prove the scripture which said if you prayed not amis your prayer would be answered. To me that meant what was in accordance with God’s will, or one with God. I found that it was possible to do with effort, but after awhile I got lazy. Actually I think what happened was I learned that along with relationship came greater trials, and somewhere along the line the house burned down, and I lost my cozy chair in the office. But I had planted it there for another purpose, one which God did not sanction, and that’s another story.

Although that happened fifteen years ago, I can still remember some of those prayers, and some of the wonderful things that happened as a result, and also some of the not so wonderful things that happened. So, I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to know of the reality of God to try it for a couple of weeks or a month and see for yourself. Trust me when I say it will be a wild adventure.

I think in a sense this is what Dena is going through now. She and I seem to be on a similar journey, with me about 10 years (older) ahead?. We both have eight children, our birthdays are a day apart, our dad’s birthdays are near the same day. Our journeys are different, because we are on different paths, but similar in that we are on journeys of discovery, where we want to learn for ourselves the basic concepts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Years later I read an article criticizing this gentleman that taught me how to gain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. here. I am sorry that some left the mainstream of the church because of it. Since that time I have learned there is more safety in the mainstream than there is when you are perched up on the highest limb, and that it’s ok to flow with the mainstream. God wants to hear from us morning and night in prayer. He likes us to say the blessing on the food before we eat, and he likes us to open and close each meeting with prayer, just a short, simple, direct prayer. He wants us to stay in tune with His Holy Spirit all the time so that we can capture the moments that count. His spirit is here to guide us constantly, and as long as we’re not trying to live our life from both ends at the same time, there will be no conflict. What I mean is that you can’t be planning to kill someone while you’re dealing in drugs, or planning an affair while you are holding a family together, and on the other side wonder why God isn’t answering your prayers. Although God will meet you at the depths of your despair if you reach for Him, and He will guide you out of any hole if you exercise your faith in Him, it is not easy. God loves everyone no matter who we are or what we’ve done, and anyone can believe. But there are conditions that are attached to having the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.

To quote a friend, “I’ve done the best I know how to do, to relay, in mere limited words, what it is that I”ve come to believe. It’s a journey, over much time, with many experiencees, and really, what I’d love to do, is not to convince you of what *I* believe, but to inspire you to launch into a deep and wild adventure with God, of your own.”

My fear is that I won’t be understood, so if there are any who might be reading this who think I don’t know God or think that I believe in the wrong Jesus, as I know some think, here are some links:  link  link  link  link 

The blogosphere is an interesting place to dwell. You can find as many different ideas and ideologies as sands by the sea. If anyone out there on the sea shore happens across my little hill, I would be interested in knowing about your wild adventure with God.

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