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The Constitution
I read and listened to this speech today, given in 1991 by Rex E Lee on the Constitution of the United States.
Comparing his thoughts to where we are today with social justice forces one to wake up. Wherever we see “social justice” on a political or religious website, if you look for the links on the page and follow them back, they will take you straight to socialism, marxism, communism pages where they train you to be a social revolutionary. Social Justice is code for redistribution of wealth, and has nothing to do with actually caring for one another. It destroys personal empathy to let the government do it through taxes.

I like the social cushions we have in Canada of health, education and welfare. But it seems we are a bit stifled because of them. IF, and I mean that as a giant IF, the stock market crashed and our money became worthless, those social cushions would disappear. We may find ourselves standing naked and alone. Who would you turn to?

I cling to the principles outlined in the Constitution of the United States, and to Canada, although I can not remember studying the Canadian constitution in school. I lived in the USA long enough to see the difference between a Canadian and an American as it relates to patriotism.


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In my study of “lds church government” I ran across a book titled, The Miracle of Manti, Will the Mormon Church take over the American Government” I didn’t read the book, and don’t plan to, but I wrote a review, just because.

How is the Mormon church governed today? Some may call it a theodemocracy, but is it? Let’s compare it to Obama care. In Obama care he wants to be the one who everyone worships. In the church we have councils on every level, made up of people from many different walks of life. The council meets, and must agree on policy before it is presented. Obama chooses czars to advise him, and allows them to make decisions and draft policy, but if his czars happen to all be of the same general mind set as Obama we could be in trouble.

The Prophet is the president of the council of 12. He works along side two councillors. When he dies the leadership goes to the 12, and most likely the serving president of the 12 will become the next prophet. We are a self-governing body. We make covenants with the Lord and it’s up to us to keep or break them. A covenant is simply a goal, but it is between the individual and God. So, the Prophet is there as an official representative of the church, but he does not make us do anything we don’t want to do. I can’t recall the Prophet ever telling the people what to do. What the people want to do, they do. We are taught correct principles and we govern ourselves. No one is forced to be a member, and no one is forced to be 100% active. No one is forced to keep their covenants. No one is forced to take the sacrament. No one is forced to pay taxes (tithing). It is by choice, and the poor are cared for by the church.

If we want to protect our basic freedoms, outlined in the constitution of the United States, those who believe in it are going to have to stand together. The Mormon church has the framework of organization that could govern if somebody had to. I’m not talking about policing, just governing. Quorums of the 70 are prepared to organize. Right now we have 2 or 3 quorums of 70. There is provision to create 70 quorums of 70.

Because we are the church of Jesus Christ, and the decisions and framework are carefully put together by a combination of our experience and guidance of ministering angels, we are evolving into a system of government that will serve Jesus Christ when He returns. We will turn over the keys of governance to Him, but we will not be moved from our spot in the framework.

If there was an important message that needed to get to the people, every single person could be informed of it very quickly, because of governing councils that go from the first presidency down to the individual ward member all over the world. This is God’s way of governance, as close as we can figure it out. Total freedom. If you don’t wish to pay taxes (a full tithing is 10% of your take home salary) you don’t have to. You can believe any religion you want, or none at all.

I imagine at some point there will be a separation between those who want communism, socialism, marxism, and those who want freedom. Satan’s way is force, God’s way is freedom. God will be near His camp and miracles will protect it. I see two camps in the United States right now. No wonder so many are talking of Canada.

I think this should be filed under “Bolster”
BOLSTER: Guardian Angel. Sits on front and back axles, part of chassis. Perhaps our guardian angel is just that close, bolstering us up throughout our journey.

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