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Hidden within this article is a pattern for our own personal blueprint, that if taken seriously, can guide us through the building of our lives, at the intrinsic level.


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I was awake at 5:00 this morning, laying in bed, musing, when a brief wave of understanding swept over me, like the wave of an ocean, and then rested back to sea. It startled me, because I really wasn’t expecting an answer to my fast and prayer yesterday. Well, I was, in that I fasted and prayed in faith, knowing God would hear us, and move us forward in the right direction. (I joined in the fast for our country.)

Let me just ask, How does a Mormon re-set their spiritual life? Why was Joseph Smith so driven by God to build temples? How come we have so many now all over the world? How did we have 35 chapels damaged in the floods in the Philippines??? I mean, how did we get so many there?

The General Relief Society meeting, broadcast all over the world last Saturday, gave the feeling that the women of the church have a marvelous power in the world today. The music sounded like a choir of angels, even when I was singing. I was so moved by the music. Thank-you for that.

The church is doing okay, and once in a while we all need to re-set ourselves to it. How do we re-set? Regular temple attendance. It settles us down enough to re-set our lives to be in line with God.

That was the message in the wave of inspiration that passed over me. “Go to the temple”


The voice of warning was loud and clear in 1960, why didn’t we take note then??? Our leaders haven’t been strong on it since, so I’ll do it, with President McKay. Understanding now the world we live in, I will go to the temple, re-set myself, and work to preserve our freedom by having courage to walk through each door as it presents itself to me.

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