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The proud cannot accept the authority of God giving direction to their lives. (See Helaman 12:6) They pit their perceptions of truth against God’s great knowledge, their abilities versus God’s priesthood power, their accomplishments against His mighty works…. The proud wish God would agree with them. They aren’t interested in changing their opinions to agree with God’s.

There is a difference between God’s Socio-theodemocracy and man’s counterfeit.  Contemplate God’s use of the united order, where freedom reigns supreme, with man’s system of government run socialism, marxism, communism.  I think these two videos come close to a definition of outcomes.  

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This is the lesson we will be discussing next Sunday in Gospel Doctrine Class.  It is so important to review that I want to include all the study on my blog.  Thanks for doing the research Brother Bill Beardall.

I’ll file it under “canopy” on my personal covered wagon

CANOPY: Our protection:   Our private values & personal Beliefs.  The degree to which we honor our covenants may be the degree to which we will be protected from evil.  When we stumble in life, check the canopy and repair the leaks.

CANOPY RINGS (BOWS)Goals, Our lofty Goals that reach heaven-ward.  Just like  bows that expand the space inside the wagon, so do goals expand our capability and accomplishment.

Doctrine & Covenants/Church History
Lesson 31
“Sealed … for Time and for All Eternity”

Lesson Highlights

Eternal marriage is essential in Heavenly Father’s plan.

  • Youth should prepare now for eternal marriage.
  • After a husband and wife are sealed in the temple, they must abide in the covenant to receive the promised blessings.

A study of this lesson will help us understand that eternal marriage is an essential part of Heavenly Father’s plan, to help youth prepare for eternal marriage, and to encourage married couples to abide in the marriage covenant.

Scripture references for study:  D&C 131:1–4132:4–33
Lesson 31 Handout (PDF format)
Sections 129, 130 & 131 are not revelations from God. They were not included in the original Doctrine and Covenants, but were added later. These sections are instructions given to the people by Joseph Smith. These sections give you a glimpse into what Joseph Smith knew and who he actually was, and I would say, “WOW”.

Revelations On Marriage

Here’s the rest of the lesson

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