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A friend had the courage to “peer” at truth as though Jesus is her Elder Brother.  I say to her:

Jesus is our Elder Brother.
If death is not, then neither is birth, for life is eternal.

If Jesus is our elder brother, when did we come to know Him as Brother? Agency is also eternal, and if we are as individual as our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, we inherit divine nature which comes from God, our Eternal parent(s).

The idea that sin doesn’t exist in heaven is one that I can subscribe to. Jesus says, “Come. Follow Me.” He leaves sin by the wayside, ignoring it as though it doesn’t exist, and keeps walking, and when we can shed our sin, we follow Him. We are totally free to choose our own destiny.

Darkness cannot be measured, but light can. Darkness is the absence of light. Hate is the absence of love. Sin is the absence of obedience. Fear is the absence of hope. Guilt is the absence of purity. Confusion is the absence of understanding. Sadness is the absence of joy.

There is no punishment, no eternal consequence, but there is IS.

IS is a no word, just like nothing is the absence of something.

The earth we rotate on is masterfully built, and the universe we sail through is colorfully executed and full of light and warmth. I wonder how dark outer darkness will be. Those who knowingly choose darkness over light will someday find out. But outer darkness comes with rejecting, after a full understanding, truth.

If we choose to walk in the light, we’ll become accustomed to it, and bask in our own glow.

You say it takes courage to peer at truth, and I cheer you on because truth has an effect, step by step.

I must be doing something right because I live far away from fear and guilt.  Whenever you assume “we” do this or that, I want to disagree,  because I don’t usually feel what you say everyone feels.

I have full confidence in searching for truth. I embrace all truth, whether it is found in science or religion.

I have experimented along the way and have learned from my mistakes, and I hope not to make them again, because mistakes can be painful. If it weren’t for pain we wouldn’t know not to repeat our mistakes. As one grandparent said to their grandchildren, “I hope your parents allow you to solve your own problems and fix your own mistakes.”

We are given agency and intellect, with which there is no end to what we can learn and do.


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