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No Bull


For Father’s Day my husband, finally after all these years, found the perfect fiberglass replica of a bull.  We picked it up tonight, after a little stress, because he couldn’t find his trailer to haul it on.  People were actually pointing and laughing at us on our way home.  I told my hubby he had better learn to take it because everyone in town would be doing the same, and unless he wanted his bull associated with negative stigma, he’d better laugh along.

Yes, the wheel is getting a little squeaky over this.   Let’s take a closer look at the hub:  It is very strong, holding the spokes firmly in place.  But it looks like it would be a little squeaky around the axle area, so to  grease it up good might be in order.


AXLE GREASE: Love…Must be plenty of axle grease for the wheels to turn and the axle to slide in smoothly. If not the wheels will squeak, wear, and the wagon will break down.

The family really should stop teasing dear old dad about his bull, and dear old dad should look for the humor in the teasing.  Me?  I’m genuinely happy about it and supportive.  Even helped him design a spot for it out in the pasture.

Happy Father’s Day.  This video reminds me of the kind of father and husband you are to us.  Oh so generous, and hey, you have a good eye.  😉

It also reminds me of my father.  Happy Father’s Day Dad.


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