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What a great post today on American Thinker.  This really hits the nail on the head.

The westward-bound Conestoga wagons of the 19th century are an emblem of America’s expansion. They also offer a useful analogy for our current situation.

 Why is that?  In order for the pioneer family to successfully cross the Kansas prairie, they had to leave the family heirlooms, trunks, pianos and chest behind.  Space had to be opened up for food and supplies for the family but the item that was most essential was grain for the teams that pulled the wagon. Care of the team, whether they were oxen, mules or horses was the most important factor. Without them, the wagon and the family were lost.  If the team failed, the family was stranded on the prairie and they faced starvation and death.  The pioneer also had to take great care of the wagon, a broken wheel or cracked axle meant disaster. Contrary to the movie depictions, the family walked beside the wagon. The women, children and pets walked. The only people who were allowed to ride were the sick and the injured. As soon as they got better, they had to get off and walk. Why? They couldn’t afford to burden the team with the extra weight. The survival and fitness of the team equaled success and survival.

These pioneers also had to count on themselves for protection.  They faced many dangers and had no one to protect them from wild animals, Indians and thieves.  As a result, they were heavily armed.  Firearms were tools just like the axe and the shovel.  They didn’t have the government to defend them, feed them or house them.  Most of them survived and prospered. The ones who refused to drop the piano off at the river crossing and insisted on taking the extra baggage with them at the expense of food for the team usually failed.  The team died or the wagon broke down and they were left in the middle of the prairie to face the winter with no food or shelter.  There were no anti-gun advocates on the wagon trail either. Guns were their  best friends.

Now look at the country a mere one hundred and fifty years later.  We are in the middle of the prairie.  The team pulling the wagon (the tax payer) has been pulling hard for years and they are getting tired.  The wagon (the government) is loaded down to the railings. It is full and can’t hold any more.  The axles are buckling under the strain and the spokes of the wheels are failing.  There are some people riding the wagon that need to be there.  They are the old, the sick and the unfortunate (social security, Medicare and temporarily unemployed).  Unfortunately for the team, there are far too many who are on the wagon that shouldn’t be there.   They have been on the wagon for generations and never plan to get off.

When the team dies, they will sit with the wagon until it rots and someone comes to save them. If a savior never shows up, they will die in place feeling sorry for themselves until their last breath.

So here we are in 2009. The team is faltering under the strain and it looks like they can’t pull the wagon much further.  There isn’t much more they can give.  The wagon is maxed out. The people on the wagon refuse to get off, in fact they demand more even when their doom is staring them in the face.  The snow clouds are gathering and it looks bleak.

At least settlers in wagon trains were sometimes saved by the cavalry.  Our so called leaders just arrived on the scene and put a 100 ton mill stone (stimulus package) in the wagon. 

We are stuck here for the next two winters. 

No one knows what the future will bring, but I found a key to getting our wagon over that treacherous gulf.   See if you can visualize your covered wagon going over safely.  secret

Yea, we see that whosoever will may lay hold upon the word of God….. lead the man of Christ in a strait and narrow course across that everlasting gulf of misery which is prepared to engulf the wicked—

This idea I file under the whole   wheel


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The fire gives off light The fire gives off light.

1 Samuel 17:34-37

34 And David said unto Saul,

Thy servant kept his father’s sheep,

and there came a lion, and a bear,

and took a lamb out of the flock:


35 And I went out after him,
and smote him,
and delivered it out of his mouth:
and when he arose against me,
I caught him by his beard,
and smote him, and slew him.

36 Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear:
and this ____(fill in the blank)_____ shall be as one of them,
seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God.

37 David said moreover,
The Lord that adelivered me out of the paw of the lion,
and out of the paw of the bear,
he will bdeliver me out of the hand of this _______.
And Saul said unto David,
Go, and the Lord be with thee.
My daddy’s name was David.
He died when I was 18.
See the drop of blood?
Can you see Old Chief Mountain?
The lion and the bear?
The pine trees represent my friends and relationships.
I am protective of my little pine trees,
and keep them safely on the other side of the line.
My God is not somewhere in the sky,
He is down in the trenches with me.
I have lived in the fire to rescue a friend.
Chief Mountain

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Welcome to my Teepee



Symbolism, like art, is the language of the spirit. 

I call symbolism the “language of not so many words” 

Have you ever gone on a vacation and brought home a special souvenir?   A souvenir is a symbol, because  when you look at it you will see the experience and the memories.

Looking at my teepee you  see pictures, but if you look more deeply you may see life.  If I was to say to you, “everyone lives in a teepee and travels through life in a covered wagon”  you would not know what I meant, but I know what it means to me.  I could say “the fire gives off light” and you would agree, yes, at night around a nice campfire there is light, but I might be referring to the refiners fire, or the challenges in life that burn. 

So, welcome to my teepee. Step inside with me. 

The teepee itself is symbolic of life’s eternal round, with the conduit to heaven always open. 

Life goes in cycles, round and round again, each time we gain knowledge and understanding, and so we think we are a great explorer, discovering a new path. 

I believe that at some point in everyone’s life there will be a pivotal point where your past will catch up to your present and your life will be played as a panorama before you and you will pause to take a look at the vision before taking another step into your future.  


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I have decided to enter the blogosphere with a center and a purpose.

My center is the belief that we all travel through life in a covered wagon, and live in a tee pee.  We just don’t know it.   Hence, my blogging name “Cwtpmom”.  

The first thing I learned on this journey a long time ago was when traveling in a covered wagon, it is better to keep moving.  

My purpose is to overhaul my own wagon, examine my teepee, and in so doing, share what I have learned along the way.

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