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Opposition that preceded

Opposition that preceded what?  

Is it right that an experience is made more wonderful because of the opposition that precedes it?  This video is representative of the opposition that the church went through when it was first organized, and I look at the number of temples on the earth now, and how well attended they are, which is reflective of the faithfulness of the members of the church, and it looks pretty wonderful to me.    Right now, today, I think I am having opposition.  Can I rejoice and say, “oh goodie, something wonderful is just around the corner”, or should I let myself be overcome with despair?

I think the theory that I described a couple of posts back, that states more or less, when you are faced with opposition you can either let it crush you, or else you can have the attitude that something wonderful is around the corner, be it tomorrow, next year, or ten years down the road.  The opposite can be true though.  When wonderful things happen one after another for an endless span of time we might use that time as a preparation time for the trial around the corner.

Life is made up of blessings and trials.  They connect to each other, and together make us stronger, and happy.  They increase our gratitude, and our testimony.  I am thankful for both.  I can tell when I need a trial in my life, and know when I need the Lord’s blessings.  Often they both come at the same time.  If they didn’t we couldn’t bear up under the pressure.


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The anticipated experience, which took place last night, once again proved that the  opposition that preceded it was  an indication of how wonderful it was going to be.

Suffice it to say that I DO believe committees in heaven work closely with committees on earth.  My conviction of this has been magnified after witnessing what happened yesterday.   It is like singing in the choir, and knowing there must have been a choir of angels singing along with you, making the performance spectacular.  But the stage has to be set, and covenants must be valued.   Principle must meet practice, and then heaven joins in the celebration of marriage.

This I’ll file under axle.   “There is lift in opposition” (a talk by Russell M. Nelson)


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AXLE: The muscle of the wagon.  “There is LIFT in opposition”  

I get myself into trouble quite regularly by offering my opinions in other religious circles.  But whenever I put my testimony out there to anyone, it gives me “lift”.  In this type of opposition there is lift.  What about other types?  I have learned to recognize when an anticipated experience is going to be wonderful by relating to the opposition that precedes it.
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