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Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
That time has come, in fact it’s been happening for many years, but since the government does not want to face the facts, they keep increasing the deficit, as though it is a bottomless pit. But eventually the pit will consume the whole world as it keeps growing bigger and bigger in relation to the debt. Every time they need more money they get their shovel out and dig up some more. But they are digging too big a hole.

I’d like to propose a system. This system was introduced by Jeremiah the Prophet, or by God through Jeremiah the Prophet. God says not until his Gospel is preached and accepted throughout the world will it happen.

I file this under Canopy Rings (BOWS): Goals, Our lofty Goals that reach heaven-ward. Just like bows that expand the space inside the wagon, so do goals expand our capability and accomplishment.

My goal is to help preach this Gospel of Jeremiah to the whole world.


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