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I have experimented with blogging for a few months and what have I learned?
1. You can get easily sidetracked
2. Emotions, whims and moods can interfere with intent and theme
3. Obsessions show their face
4. The first three all mean the same thing
5. When you get off track you get lost and it’s hard to pick up again
6. I need two different blogs or else I need to decide which one works for me and stick with it
7. Let’s face it. I have become more interested in reading blogs than writing them
8. When I get caught up in what someone else is writing about, it changes my focus
9. When my focus changes I drift into space that confuses me
10. I just wanted to write 10 points, and since every one of them is basically saying the same thing, what can I do to get back on track?

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Become church

This link has absolutely nothing to do with my topic, but it did influence the thought process which brought me to this point of understanding what it means to “become church”.

This is the real secret of religion.  If I am not my religion, my religion has no salvation power.  I cannot be my religion without faith, prayer, scriptures each day.  A person can have a testimony of Jesus Christ.  He can know Joseph Smith was a true prophet, yet not be his own religion.  His religion is who he is.  His religion defines his own values, or no values.   A person’s religion is what they subscribe to, whether or not it is animate.
I have often wondered how a person can know the church is true but live opposite to what it teaches.  The best answer is found in the Book of Alma when he compares faith to a tiny grain of mustard seed.  It lays dormant until it is properly nourished, and once it begins to be properly nourished it must continue on the right path until it becomes a very strong plant.
We must be engaged in the process, for the atonement to work in our lives.  It’s really quite simple.

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